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Athletes are role models for all ages. They embody the values of discipline, courage, and hard work. It also helps that many of them are naturally charming and personable. They are, in short, the ideal brand ambassadors.

Audiences recognize athletes the most for their prowess in the court or field, which is why poster campaigns for sports drinks or clothing apparel often feature star athletes in action. However, it takes more than an ability to capture a clear image of a basketball player leaping in the air or a tri-athlete sprinting towards the finish line. For sports photography to work in marketing, it also has to be artistic.

So if you choose an athlete to promote your product or brand, look for a professional sports photographer who can deliver on both image quality and creativity.

Sports Photography: Capturing Motion

The athlete is the undisputed star in sports photography. The focus of the camera and the audience, however, is on his or her movement.

As a professional sports photographer, I capture athletes’ motions and shoot clear, dynamic pictures of them in action.

This type of photography requires extensive knowledge of camera lenses and how to use apertures and shutters to the best effect. It also relies a lot on great lighting (both practical and digital), shooting from the perfect angle (relative to the athlete and the light source), and pressing the shutter at the right moment (precision counts, down to the last millisecond).

You may find many sports photographers in the Philippines, but only a few of us have substantial professional experience in integrating sports concepts into marketing and advertising campaigns.

Art + Sports

The perfect sports photos convey strength, passion, energy, determination, and a thirst for victory. These are strong, positive qualities that audiences recognize when they see the fire in the quarterback’s eyes; the ripple of muscle as a hurdler leaps over a barrier, or the taut concentration on a tennis player’s face as she swings her racket towards the camera.

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