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Humanize your business, show people glimpses of your work life — these are my goals for my commercial photography services in Manila.

I tell stories through photography, and the workplace is rich with source materials. From strategically-held office gadgets to a used coffee cup in a desk corner, the details paint a picture, a story, of what life is like at your offices or in your shoes.

I take pictures of professionals in their element: chefs in the kitchen, athletes on the field, and executives behind their desks. I also photograph for companies and organizations from different industries. As a professional commercial photographer, my job is to capture the best parts of your profession and show the best qualities of your organization.

“Nothing exciting ever happens in the office,” is a statement I often hear. It is an assumption we’ll prove wrong when I step into your offices as your official commercial photographer.

Staged Shots

As a former Senior Creative Director at Getty Images, I know how to take pictures that look like stock photos. It’s a mix of strategy, skill, and equipment — things which I’m proud to have and will happily use for your benefit.

Staged shots are a way to add artistic elements into your company photos, like dramatic lighting and camera angles. The results are still truthful to you and your organization but in a more creative light. Your company photos and executive portraits will appear engaging instead of clinical and generic.

Organic Shots

I enjoy taking candid shots of people at work. My candid rolls often have hidden gems, and many of them make it into my clients’ websites, brochures, and other promotional materials. 

Candid pictures are essential if your goal is to humanize your company. However, it takes a high level of skill (and top-notch camera equipment) to make a candid corporate photo look like it was taken by a professional. This is where I come in. 

Whatever image or branding you want to achieve with your company photos, I can make it happen through commercial photography

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