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Putting art in everyday things — this, in a nutshell, is creative lifestyle photography. It documents real-life moments that are often set up in picturesque surroundings. Some define lifestyle photography as “the in-between shots,” the candid photos of subjects in mid-action. Others describe it a little differently; that it is a photography style that mimics everyday scenarios and makes them more camera-friendly.

For me, it is a bit of both. As a lifestyle advertising photographer, I create a set accordance to your theme, hire models or invite people to appear in the shoot, and direct them so I can capture the image you hope to get.

Everything You Should Know About Lifestyle Photography

Lifestyle photography in the Philippines is a mix of portraiture and documentary photography. There could be different themes, photoshoot locations, and a variety of subjects, but the goal is the same: to show audiences different slices of life.

For Your Enjoyment

Lifestyle photos could be glimpses into your personal life: how you interact with your family (portrait lifestyle photography) or with your environment (outdoor lifestyle photography). It could also be an intimate photoshoot that aims to show glimpses of the real you (boudoir and beauty photography). My post-production treatment of these photos will be specific to your taste. These will be photos you will be proud to frame and hang in your home.

For Business and Marketing

From a commercial standpoint, this type of photography is a way to communicate an aspiration (lifestyle product photography). It could be owning a luxury item or real estate; enjoying a vacation; gaining confidence, thanks to an improved look, or living a life of contentment and comfort.

Through lifestyle photos, audiences can receive an aspirational marketing message with just one glance.

Lifestyle photos that are artistic and arresting can make a significant impression on people that they will remember these images and be driven into action. These are the images I can capture for your company or campaign.


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