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Product photography is arguably the most popular commercial photography service in Manila. It’s simple and theoretically cost-effective: all you need is a plain background (preferably white), good lighting, an excellent camera, and a macro lens for close-up shots.

As a professional e-commerce product photographer, however, I do more than just point and shoot. I like to give clients more than plain product pictures — I want to give them their money’s worth. So, whenever I take photos of products, I wear my advertiser’s hat as well. My goal is no longer just to capture beautiful images, but also to produce pictures that stand out and sell.

A word to describe my Product Photography? That would be “unquestionable.”

Allow me to show how a professional photographer’s work can make a world of difference for your campaign.

I take e-commerce photos in a professional studio using the latest and most reliable photography equipment in the market. I have a team who works tirelessly with me to ensure photoshoots move along as scheduled, and that clients get their product pictures on time.

I am also the Creative Director and Founder of Paper Boat Creative, an award-winning, post-production company offering all kinds of commercial photo editing services. Furthermore, I have an incredible team of photo editors and retouchers whose services can further elevate the marketability of your product photos.

Eyebrow Pencil Product Photography in Manila

Give your marketing efforts traction with photos that stand out and convert.

Get high-quality, tack-sharp, and color-accurate product photos you can use for print and digital marketing. My e-commerce product photography services can help with your marketing and advertising projects:

It’s time to elevate your advertising or product marketing by using high-quality, e-commerce product photos. When you need a product photographer in the Philippines, ring me up, and let’s talk.

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