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Beauty goes hand-in-hand with photography. Pictures that showcase breathtaking views and faces or reveal unconventional beauty can have a lasting impact on audiences. They can evoke emotion, awaken thoughts, and inspire action. This explains why beauty photography is a popular theme in advertising and commercial marketing.

Draw audiences to your brand and convey your message through beauty photography. It can be an excellent way to promote a beauty product, fashion, lifestyle brand, even a philanthropic cause. Beauty photos are designed to attract and demand attention, and we can leverage it benefit your purpose. 

Below is my portfolio of beauty portraits — the preview of my beauty photography service in Manila.

Beauty photos can have a commercial or artistic bent. The images are products of close collaborations between the model, photographer, makeup artist, clothing designer, and the creative director, among others. The goal is to present a beautiful image of the model. There are often plenty of enhancements (e.g., high-fashion makeup, accessories, light effects, props), so you’ll need a skilled beauty portrait photographer who can bring out the model’s natural beauty and without forgetting the other elements.

This photography style focuses significantly on art.

Creative beauty photography is both a challenge and a pleasure to do, and it is one of the projects I personally enjoy. It offers elbow room for my personal creative style of surrealism. In some cases, however, I get to flex my creative muscles to the opposite direction for a more natural form of beauty portrait photography.

Beauty photography for advertising is rare but doable.

Beauty photos are aspirational and highly aesthetic, yet they’re not always used for advertising. It’s not, however, impossible to do. With a few adjustments in styling, we can stage a beauty portrait photoshoot that you can use to promote your product or brand.

We can talk more about incorporating beauty photography into your campaign. Get in touch, and let’s schedule a meeting.

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